ScienceCasts: Using a Tablet Computer in Space

February 7, 2018


Gone are the days when NASA rockets and gadgets use switches to man the space crafts.

In this day and age, NASA uses computers to do all the controlling functions on board the space shuttles and other space crafts.

Whiles the space shuttle send humans to space to do actual experiments, other space vehicles like the old fashion apollo space rockets are still used to send payloads in the form of satellites and other space equipment to space.

All these kinds of space vehicles require the use of computers to control the complex functions of manning the spacecraft.

Since laptop and desktop computers are not conducive to the environment in which the space vehicles such as space shuttles operates, NASA has found it useful to use tablet computers which are specially made to cater to the needs of astronauts in the space environment.

Tablets have become a great convenience on the ground on earth too. It is a hybrid system between a laptop and a cellphone. It attempts to do the work a laptop and cell phone does only that it gives the convenience that the laptop and cellphone cannot deliver.

It is smaller than any laptop and is bigger than a cellphone. I have seen people use the tablet to make phone calls and do other things that may be cumbersome when done on a cellphone.

Tablets are the way to go if you want something that mimics both a cellphone and a laptop.

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