Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Review: Should You Buy this or the Surface Laptop?

This is the new Surface Pro Microsoft’s latest iteration to the iconic 2 & 1 laptop It hasn’t been completely redesigned nor does it have any new revolutionary features But it does have some small but important updates in this review I’m going to talk about what’s new is it worth it or should you buy the Surface laptop instead if you were to put the surface pro beside the surface pro 4 you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference With the new pro that edges are a little bit rounder.

There’s redesign heat vents it improved 165 degree Kickstand which allows the surface to get closer well to the actual surface and of course is a stronger magnet for the Surface 10 it still weighs pounds making it lighter than the surface laptop And it’s only a hair thicker than the surface pro 4 support selection is the same as the previous model So one USB 3.0. Port a mini display port and a micro SD card slot Microsoft still doesn’t think USB type-C is ready But the lack of ports is frustrating and having a third port using USB type-C would have been a nice compromise Interestingly pricing is still the same at eight hundred dollars and that will net you a seventh gen M3 processor with 4 gigabytes of Ram and 128 gigabytes of storage Now don’t buy this one or gigabytes of ram at 128 gigabytes won’t cut it for Daily use the sweet spot for price performance We need A $1300 I-5 with eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage space this seems to be the same price as the Surface laptop – the type cover and pen which will cost you an additional $230 if you decide to buy it both speaking of the pen It’s no longer included in the box so essentially you’re paying the same as before, but you’re getting slightly less It’s really too bad the new pen is much better It’s 2 times faster and has four times as much pressure sensitivity compared to the original I never got one to review But I would imagine Artists would prefer it over the older one now you might have guessed the display is the same one as the one on the surface Pro 4 so a 12-point 3-inch pixel sense touch display with a resolution of 27 35 by 1824 and the lovely three by two aspect Ratio I keep mention this a lot But the 3 by 2 aspect ratio on a small screen makes it feel much bigger than it really is and much better for reading but what’s interesting is that Microsoft is added native support for the surface dial which complements the 165 Degree Kickstand quite nicely in comparison the Surface Pro 4 hinge can only do 150 degrees, so if you’ve seen my surface studio review It’s a nice accessory to have if you’re an artist don’t worry if you’re a surface pro 4 owner the dial will work on it Too it.

Just needs a new firmware update that’s scheduled for the near future sound is essentially the same? It’s crystal clear with beautiful highs nice mid and a little bit of bass the sound is coming out of little tiny speakers on Each side of the screen at least they face forward.

They’re not super loud by any means perfect for a small room and personal listening but not loud enough to have a dance party the new type covers Microsoft is selling are identical and Functionality to the one sold with the surface pro 4 so you can either pay 130 dollars for those or pay? 160 if you want the new ones with the Alcantara fabric they’re pretty and I’d be more willing to use Alcantara on a Surface pro than a surface Laptop the reason being is if it does get damaged from a spill or continuous use I can always buy a new type cover Something you can’t do with the surface laptop the typing experience is still very comfortable with 1.3.

Millimeters of travel distance I usually find this distance to be a bit too short But Microsoft did a great job with the key switches the trackpad is made out of all glass and I found it to be very Accurate the right amount of click It’s obviously not as nice as the surface laptop but very good for a thin detachable keyboard for performance I didn’t get the I-5 model. Which is now completely fabulous.

That’s amazing considering It’s not using a wimpy y series CPU but actual more Powerful I 5 chips that are found in other ultra books like the dell XPS 13 and surface laptop I have the fully loaded I7 model with the latest 7660 U CPU and until Iris 640 integrated you so more than powerful enough for everyday work Watching movies and even working in Photoshop It’s not meant for editing video or playing newer games But you could get away playing over watch with the settings set to low it’s not pretty but it can be done with the resolution set To 1280 by 800 you’ll get around 30 to 40 frames per second now the surface pro comes with a Samsung Pm 9 71 mdme ssd and got good read speeds of 1500 and write speeds of 970 in terms of heat I’m going to compare it to the surface laptop the surface pro surface heats up to 46 degrees Celsius under full load this is about 4 to 5 degrees hotter than the surface Laptop it also thermal throttles when CPU temperatures hit 90 degrees Celsius the surface laptop gives thermal throttle at all and handled heat much better battery life with the surface pro is good But it’s not as great as the surface laptop with the service laptop.

I can get around 9 hours of use compared to the 6 hours I only get with this one but from what I’m hearing is if you offer the i5 model battery life is better since the Processor is not as demanding alright Here are my closing thoughts the surface pro is still the gold standard of two-in-ones it may not have gotten a huge redesign But the changes are apparent when you start using it the display is still amazing the pen is better than before Battery life is improved.

It’s faster due to the new KB Lake processors and you now have the option to buy a type cover with the new Alcantara Fabric the only negatives are very little ports no USB type-C and the pen is no longer included Microsoft is now calling this a complete laptop, but yet doesn’t include the type cover so if you’re in the market for a surface device you’re probably wondering if you get this or the surface Laptop it really depends on your needs if you’re a real estate agent artists a frequent traveler or somebody uses a pen a lot Get the surface Pro but if you want something That’s still light enough to travel has a bigger screen and more comfortable to use then the surface laptop is a better choice So that wraps up my review of the 2017 Surface Pro Whatever you guys like or just liked about it Immense below if you want me enjoyed this video feel free to give it a big thumbs up if you’re new to the channel subscribe And as always I will see you in the next video

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